We are dedicated to reflecting the uniqueness of each collection and conveying unparalleled elegance in the display of beverages.

Each wine cellar is a testament to our craftsmanship and design, fusing functionality with aesthetics in perfect balance.


Passion for design. We are passionate about design and dedicated to creating products that harmoniously combine functionality and aesthetics.

Commitment to excellence. We strive for excellence in every project we undertake.We strive for perfection in the design, construction and finish of our pieces.

Tailor-made innovation. We seek to offer our clients innovative and unique solutions that reflect style and personality.

Uncompromising quality and durability. We are committed to using materials and construction techniques to ensure that our wine cellars last over time, maintaining their splendour and functionality.

Safety as a priority. Safety in the interaction with our designs is a priority. We ensure that our wine cellars are designed with the protection of the user in mind.


In a market where customers seek experiences through the products they buy, our vision goes beyond functionality and aesthetics. We strive to create spaces and products that arouse emotions and offer memorable and enriching experiences.

As we expand internationally, we carry with us our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and design. We aspire to be recognised as pioneers in creating unique experiences, offering products of excellence in functionality and aesthetics.


At the heart of Crux Cavas beats a shared passion for the design and construction of world-class wine cellars. Since our beginnings as an SME in Córdoba, Argentina, we have maintained an exclusive approach to each project, creating unique, customised spaces that elevate display, optimise storage and maturation of beverages, and provide an exceptional user experience.  

We excel at establishing close relationships with our clients, thoroughly understanding their wants and needs. This valuable connection serves as the basis for fusing our vision and work processes, generating products that become spaces of distinction and delight.  

At Crux, we believe that functionality, quality display, durability, safety and ease of installation are fundamental to our designs. Elegant aesthetics are always complemented by robust materials, efficient construction techniques and a precise approach to ensure durable and visually appealing spaces.

Areas of specialisation




Our firm is distinguished by the meticulous and customised design of wine cellars and displays. Each project is a manifestation of creativity and functionality, intended to capture the essence and style of our clients. We are passionate about fusing form and function in perfect balance.



We build cellars of exceptional quality. We use planned materials and construction techniques to ensure the longevity and functionality of our creations. We pride ourselves on fusing technology with a handcrafted approach, producing wine cellars that will last over time.




We offer a comprehensive consultancy service, guiding our clients in the conceptualisation and planning of their beverage storage projects.
We are committed to understanding your needs and desires, providing innovative and customised solutions. We create experiences that last and enrich the lives of our clients.

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Transcending Borders

In our commitment to expand our global presence, we have the firm intention to bring our products to Europe and the Americas.

We are in the process of establishing an industrial plan in various countries to not only participate in distinguished markets, but also to enrich them with our expertise in the design and construction of cellars and wine cellars.

Our strategic partnership with “CCI France Argentine” has been crucial in the expansion into the foreign market. We recognise this country as a world leader in wine production and culture.

With these strategic expansions, we seek to bring our dedication to wine cellar design and construction to international markets, sharing our passion for excellence in beverage storage and display.


crux cavas

Certifications and Accreditations

Registration in Argentina and Europe

We are proud to have official recognition in both Argentina and Europe. Our products are duly registered and certified, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety in both continents. This accreditation demonstrates our unwavering dedication to providing world-class storage solutions that stand out in the industry.

Sello del Buen Diseño

Hemos sido honrados con el prestigioso Sello del Buen Diseño Argentina 2022 y 2023, un testimonio de la innovación y la calidad que impregnamos en cada uno de nuestros productos. Este reconocimiento respalda nuestra capacidad para fusionar funcionalidad y estética de manera excepcional, estableciendo un estándar en la industria del diseño y la construcción de cavas y bodegas. 

ISO 9001 Certification

We are currently working hard to achieve ISO 9001 certification this year. This internationally recognised certification will reaffirm our commitment to quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in the cellar and winery design and construction industry, ensuring the satisfaction and confidence of our customers.

These certifications and accreditations are not only a testament to our dedication to excellence, but also a guarantee to our clients that they are purchasing the highest quality products backed by nationally and internationally recognised bodies. We continue to strive to exceed expectations and remain at the forefront of the industry through innovation and an ongoing commitment to quality.

Seal of Miembros de Exportadores de Córdoba

Our company was distinguished with the Sello de Exportadores de Córdoba (Córdoba Exporters Members Seal), awarded to companies that stand out in the export field. This distinction certifies our commitment to exporting and has the backing of government agencies to reinforce our clients’ confidence in our exporting capacity. In addition, this recognition provides us with support, tools and specialised resources that simplify the export process.

Export Argentina Membership

Our company is a member of “Export Argentina”, a leading organisation that represents Argentinean companies in the export field. This membership provides us with valuable resources and support in our export operations, giving us access to up-to-date information, expert advice and key international trade opportunities.

Social and Environmental Commitment

One of our design principles is to create products with long-term durability and responsible use of resources.

In our manufacturing process, we employ plasma or laser cutting systems, supported by computer-aided design, which enables us to optimise raw material utilisation and minimise waste.

We are also committed to collecting and sending surplus material to a recycling plant in the city of Córdoba, thus contributing to the sustainable life cycle of our products and reducing our environmental impact.

Management Team

Lucas Emanuel Pereyra

Lucas Emanuel Pereyra

CEO - Executive and Operations Director

María Belén Cocconi

María Belén Cocconi

Sales Director - Accountant and Administrator


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Crux Cavas

We develop engineering and design Design and exclusivity in cellars, wine cellars and wineries. We advise you and offer you our experience in the design service of your spaces. We facilitate the development of your project for the collection and display of beverages and gourmet products to create your space for enjoyment and memorable experiences.


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