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Stimulate your senses

We develop exclusive engineering and design in wine cellars.

We advise you and apply our experience to create spaces of enjoyment and memorable experiences in the storage and display of drinks and gourmet products. We offer from the architectural project to its manufacture.

Contact us to start living your customised space.


Experience and creativity at your fingertips

Spatial design and culture of beverages storage and maturation are activities that awaken intense emotions in people. A way of stopping time and space in an infinite instant, a place to share, an experience to enjoy.

As experts in the manufacture of exclusive wine cellars, we offer you our experience and creativity to create a unique project for you.

Join us and be part of the project development process. Tell us about your dreams, and let us offer you solutions adapted to your needs.

¿How do we work?

Understanding and Inspiration

We start by analysing your space through sketches, plans, photos, videos, etc. You tell us your expectations of use and sensations.
We will then show you material options and work done according to your preferences to make sure we align future design proposals.

Proposals and Adjustments

We expose the spatial concept and design options in 2D, alternatives and materiality. We will answer any questions, deliberate and if necessary, make any necessary adjustments until the final design is achieved.

 3D and Budget

We present the project by means of a digital representation in 3D, taking into account characteristics, lighting and textures to give greater realism; together we deliver the budget for its manufacture.

Exploded View and Manufacture

Considering the technologies to be used and their subsequent assembly, we develop the plans of all the pieces necessary for their manufacture. We proceed with the construction, taking care of the measurements, finishes and details necessary to achieve excellence.


We build customised wine cellars for you to live your own sensory experience

We plan the development and optimisation of resources in detail. 

We use materials such as steel, glass, wood, marble and recycled materials among others: we think of every detail. Our services include: floor laying, wall finishing, cladding, lighting, enclosure and cooling.

Quality, durability and safety are the basis from which we develop each of our products. 

We believe that the beauty of form must always be supported by the robustness of the structures, the durability of the materials and the efficiency and precision of the construction practices. 

We know that our pieces have an exceptional and exclusive character, so what are you waiting for to create your own place in the world?

Custom developments

We develop engineering and design

Trust us to take your project beyond your expectations and discover the true definition of elegance and exclusivity.

At Crux we design extraordinary experiences! We know that each project is unique, that’s why we also offer a Technical Construction Record that complements our commitment to excellence and customisation, it is the key to ensuring that your vision is realised with precision and perfection.

Imagine holding in your hands a detailed document, divided into articles covering every crucial aspect of your project. From the general requirements to the particular specifications adapted to the conditions of the site, our Technical File is the key to ensuring that your vision is realised with precision and perfection.

In addition, we offer tailor-made developments, such as underground space covers, to meet the specific needs of your project.

Planning to take your project abroad? You can be confident that you will have everything you need to carry out the construction anywhere in the world. We provide the plan, you choose the location.

Comprehensive solutions that go beyond our clients’ expectations


Contact us and dare to explore your senses!

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Crux Cavas

We develop engineering and design Design and exclusivity in cellars, wine cellars and wineries. We advise you and offer you our experience in the design service of your spaces. We facilitate the development of your project for the collection and display of beverages and gourmet products to create your space for enjoyment and memorable experiences.


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