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The summit of innovation in wine preservation

Our underground cellars stand out for their unique design, developed with cutting-edge technology and exceptional engineering. It controls every critical aspect, from opening to temperature, lighting and cooling, thanks to IoT technology. Designed for those seeking a unique and immersive experience, they represent a truly special way of inhabiting space.


An experience of intimacy and distinction

Designed for those who seek to immerse themselves in a world of luxury and sophistication, this architectural masterpiece not only protects your treasures, but also displays them with unparalleled elegance. 

A space of symmetry and warmth: With its circular design, the Sintra Cava creates an ambience of symmetry and perfection that envelops you in a unique atmosphere. But its real jewel lies in its interior: an exquisite wooden cladding that not only brings warmth and sophistication, but also highlights the beauty of your bottles. 

Elevate your Senses with Cutting-Edge Technology: More than just a wine cellar, the Sintra is equipped with the latest IoT technology, allowing you to control every aspect of your collection from the palm of your hand. Adjust the temperature, lighting and opening with pinpoint accuracy via an intuitive mobile app, all while immersing yourself in the visual richness of your designer wine cellar.



  • Design and Elegance: A unique way to protect and display your favourite labels. Perfect balance; temperature, humidity, light, angulation, rotation, resistance, ergonomics,
  • IoT Technology: Controls temperature, lighting and opening from the comfort of your smartphone, integrating seamlessly with home automation systems.
  • Premium construction: Multi-laminated glass electric door for an unrivalled sensory experience.
  • Personalised Conservation: Choose between traditional refrigeration systems or natural conservation to keep your bottles in optimum condition.
  • Constant Monitoring: Integrated sensors for accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity.
  • Design and Elegance. A unique way to store and display your labels. Makes it easy to record, order and control your bottles.
  • Optional Customisations: Location and size of display spaces: wines, other beverages, glassware, cigars, artwork, etc.
  • Quality Materials: Wooden cladding
  • Measurements: Diameter of hatch 2 m. Internal diameter 2.50 m. Depth 2.60 m.
  • Storage capacity up to 1800 bottles approximately.

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A space, a concept and a moment


Modern and exclusive design, the Cairo wine cellar by Crux is the answer to the need for elegant and efficient storage. Its intelligent structure and carefully studied measurements guarantee optimum bottle handling and smooth movement inside the cellar.

Cairo is not just a wine cellar, it is an expansion of your space, allowing you to add square metres of storage and display without major construction work. With perfect capacity for medium-sized collections, it is the ideal choice for those who value every bottle in their selection.

Advanced technology translates into precise control of the hatch opening, smooth gliding of the rungs and preservation of your beverage. Integrated lighting highlights each label, transforming your wine collection into an elegant and sophisticated display.

Discover an experience where your senses are heightened, where design and functionality intertwine to create more than a wine cellar: a corner where your liquid treasures become a work of art.

CAIRO preserves and delights.



  • Modern design: Intelligent structure and measurements studied for optimal bottle handling and smooth movement inside.

  • IoT Technology: Control temperature, opening and lighting from your smartphone, integrating Cairo with home automation systems for a fully personalised experience.
  • Advanced Conservation: Choose between refrigeration or traditional natural conservation, while sensors constantly monitor temperature and humidity to ensure the integrity of your bottles.
  • Quality Materials: Floating wood floor and step lining, interior structure and bottle racks made of steel with oven-dried epoxy finish.
  • External measurements: 2.25 metres x 1.60 metres x 1.60 metres x 1.60 metres high.
  • Capacity of 213 bottles plus space for 4 boxes.

Competitive advantages of underground cellars

Exclusive Design

Underground cellars stand out with their exclusive and modern design, making them unique pieces that integrate perfectly with different decorative styles. It is a functional work of art.

Sensory Experience

Underground Cellars not only store wines; they create an experience where the senses can be explored and enjoyed. It is the place where your wines are transformed into a unique and elegant sensory experience.

Spatial Efficiency

Allows wine lovers to add storage capacity without compromising square footage. Ideal for those with limited space.

Optimal Handling and Displacement

Ergonomic design ensures comfortable bottle handling and smooth movement inside. Each bottle is accessible and easy to find, facilitating the user experience.

Advanced Technology

Underground Cellars incorporate state-of-the-art technology for precise control of the hatch opening and optimal wine preservation. Innovation translates into a high quality and performance.

Glowing Lighting

Integrated lighting highlights each label, making the display of your wines a visually stunning experience. Underground cellars not only preserve, but also elegantly display your liquid treasures.

Storage Versatility

With capacity for medium to large collections, Underground cellars are perfect for those with a valuable wine collection. It is the ideal solution for wine lovers with refined taste.

Easy Installation

Unlike the major works required to build a traditional wine cellar, Underground cellars are easy to install, providing a quick and efficient solution to expand your wine storage space.


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