Passionate about the design and
construction of wine cellars

At Crux we develop each project with exclusivity, creating unique and customised spaces to enhance the display, optimise the storage and maturation of beverages.

Share your space with us, and with our experience, creativity and professionalism we will develop pieces that reflect your identity and essence in a sensory experience.

Underground Wine Cellars

An experience of intimacy and distinction

Underground wine cellars of exclusive design, developed with state-of-the-art engineering and technology, which will allow you to display and preserve your wines and spirits in perfect balance.


Wine cellar design and construction service

It’s time for you to live your own experience

From the synergy of working together to evaluate options of typology, materiality and layout, we create spaces with their own personality for enjoyable experiences.


Wine cellars, supports and accessories

Exhibidor de copas


Exhibidores de pared

Exhibidores de botella de apoyo

Cavas refrigeradas

We design, manufacture and ship wine cellars WORLDWIDE

Crux Cavas

We develop engineering and design Design and exclusivity in cellars, wine cellars and wineries. We advise you and offer you our experience in the design service of your spaces. We facilitate the development of your project for the collection and display of beverages and gourmet products to create your space for enjoyment and memorable experiences.


 +54 9 351 688 3552

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